Toggle Channels on Bar Divisions v2.2

Live-jam song arrangement script. Pads mute/unmute pattern fed on different midi channels in sync to to the hosts 1-,2-,4-,8- or 16-bar divisions.

* Adjust the bar divisions on the fly to adapt cueing for the next change.

* Pressing a pad enqueues a state toggle when the selected bar division is reached. Unuted channels show a lit pad.

* The first knob beside the pad row determines number of bars when state changes will happen. The second knob shows the current bar count if more than 1 bar division is used. There are separate settings for the upper and lower pad rows.

* Pressing a pad together with the shift key immediately enables/mutes that channel without queuing.

* If the host is not running:
– The channel toggles work immediately.
– The Shift button toggles to pad label setup.
– The Help knob toggles to description view

* Each pad can be labeled to assist operation. Choose from a list of 37 predefined labels.

* The description / HELP view allows to configure an optional pad-flash feedback:
– No pad flash (default).
– Pads flash for each first event received in a bar to show channel activity.
– The pad corresponding to the current bar division flashes.
and to change to instant mode where the pads do immediate channel toggles and no
longer queue as if pressed together with the shift button.

* Midi CCs and other midi channel events are muted together with their channel.

* The script prevents hanging notes when muting a channel by sending note-offs for sustained notes.

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3 comments on “Toggle Channels on Bar Divisions v2.2
  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v2.1
    – Added preventation of hanging notes if AU host is not playing.

  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v2.2
    – Added instant mode: Immediate toggles of channels without bar division queuing) that can be switched on in the HELP view

    These instant toggles were already supported in the previous version when pressing shift together with a pad, the new mode simplifies usage if the toggle-on-bar-division feature is not desired.

  • Tones4Christ on said:

    Wow!!! Thanks so much for your hard work!

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