Time Machine

This module provides a time signal that increases or decreases with every clock pulse. This update makes use of the previously published “Power Stepper” module.
Revision 0.3: Added RESET output that provides a pulse when the internal counter resets.

The inputs and controls:
RATE sets the number of steps per beat and the direction.
CLOCK > steps forward
CLOCK < steps backwards
RESET resets the counters

In order to avoid erratic jumping of the sequencers this module uses a continuous time signal. However, the internal counters have to be reset when the signal exceeds +- 4500. This means that at 120bpm you can play for about 38 min. in one direction (forwards or backwards), until the reset happens. This usually means a noticable jump in the sequence.

CAN OF WORMS WARNING: I might have overlooked an easy solution for this, but the actual patch behind this module is fairly large.

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