The WaveShaper

This patch is a total mess of PD that needs reviewing but it’s aim is to allow wave to be shaped on the fly.

Knob 4 does the page turning.

On the Keys&Wave page turn Knob 2 up to 16 and then you can use the Aux button to toggle the 15 steps of the wave shape  (1 for up and 0 for off) as it flicks through the numbers. Back to 0 to turn the autoshape off.  You can also do manually also using Knob 2.

There’s ADSR on another page using the Aux button to do a realtime amount for Release (you need to press Aux twice due to override). And an effects / filter page. The filter was an experiment in using the same knob for different things (high and low pass in this case).

I had to edit the knob behaviour (pd myknobs) to make them not flicker and bang. Which was a good learning curve for future patches.

Let me know if any problems. I should tidy up the PD mess but you can’t see it when you’re playing on the Organelle!


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