The Warpeggiator


The Warpeggiator is a quadraphonic arpeggiator that goes way beyond fixed patterns and note orders.  It uses the first four keypresses during any one gate signal to set the values of steps on a sequencer.  Why is this cool?  Because if you have your keyboard in latch mode, you can press a chord, let it go, and then change the bass notes while the top 2 notes stay where they are.  Perfect for keyboardist multi-taskers.

The pattern control lets you determine which note in a chord will change first on a new input, so you could tweak it and then keep the bass notes the same while changing the high notes.

The Feedback knob adjusts the amount of the Warpeggiator gets fed back into switching the pattern control.  It takes a nice driving melody into an alternate dimension in an instant.

The Warpeggiator is in its native habitat when paired with the Touch Feedback Clock.  Set the TFC to something weird and experiment with the directionality of the Warpeggiator’s sequence with the forwards/backwards/pendulum knob (marked >/</><).

The Warpeggiator can be synced at the Reset input.  Try feeding it a slow pulse with the TFC going nuts on the clock input – you’ll thank me later.

Why is it only quadraphonic?  Well, the idea is that you hold a 4 note chord with your left hand, and your right hand is then free to play a melody over it (with another keyboard node set to full polyphony and through a different oscillator chain).

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