The Taktful Drambo

V1.3 I’ve added the shaper as an overdrive effect to each layer.

V1.2 I did some house keeping and updated naming in the modules, did some testing for each layer, and added global modulators that are visible in the extended view. These can modulate any knob in the instrument rack. The live step record is also fixed.

V1.1 I added bit rate but had to disable it since the max setting is 12bit. You’ll need to enable each track you want to bit crush

This is the best recreation of a Elektron Digitakt as an instrument that I can manage to create a with my drambo skills. Only a single note will trigger the layer. Each layer is triggered by white keys C2-C3. Every layer is transposed so the sample will play at C2. I also added a live input similar to how you can use it on the digitakt. Feel free to improve on this patch and just put a little credit somewhere. Also I couldn’t get every layer to feed into a single reverb/delay with an adjustable amount per layer so each track has a delay/ reverb section. Enjoy!

5 comments on “The Taktful Drambo
  • papertiger on said:

    I’ve been planning a polyphonic “Digitakt voice,” so I’ll use this as the starting point. Playing the Digitakt polyphonically was one of my favorite tricks!

    Thank you for posting! :)

  • Nigelroger on said:

    Thanks for sharing, brilliant

  • boutiquecase on said:

    If you place an audio out module in the sample slot layer you can send to the global A and B channels that way and don’t need 8 separate delays and reverbs in your rack.

  • Rajiv.Perseedoss on said:

    Hi all, is there any update about creating polyphonic version of this please?


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