The ocean of beats

Caribbean style beats? 2-3 claves, bongo-cowbells, accent on desired hits in the pattern?

If your head is swirrling right now, mine was after reading a lot into caribbean music style drum patterns, historical development and trying to figure out to add accent on drums run by Gate-Seq-64.

VCP-53’s task was to musically sail to the caribbean – I tried but am sure that I got lost somewhere on the way. Learned a lot during that challenge and highly recommend participating if you feel like belonging to the advanced beginner’s group.

Helpfull stuff in drumpatterns: Use different gate lengths, choose drums with modulation jacks to add accent to them and variate through the usage of song modes.

If you do not want to variate gate modes but want to variate sequences and patterns with only one sequencer – check out SV module’s drum sequencer!

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