The Houseplant

A set of five loose and immediate textural loopers divided into three sets for the three footswitches.

10 comments on “The Houseplant
  • Josephaugust on said:

    Hey, very nice patch! I’m having some freezing on my patch. Have you experienced anything like that? Also, maybe because I haven’t updated latest firmware?

  • fireghosting on said:

    Oh hey! I didn’t have any issues like that, so I’m not too sure what’s going on.
    I’m sure a firmware update couldn’t hurt.

  • huron on said:

    Loving it so far. How to change the size of the loop buffer? I feel like it’s not long enough. I was able to slow down the sequencer looper by adjusting the BPM, but the first looper seems too short. Also I could be using it wrong because Zoia. Lol.

  • Josephaugust on said:

    Ok thanks fireghosting. Updated the firmware and patch is working nicely. Going to add a stereo in/out too for OP-1. Having an issue with stompswitch 2 & 3 not engaging. 2 just scrolls and 3 disengages entire patch. Any tips on getting them to work?

  • Jliddell279 on said:

    Hey man, new on the Zoia. I tried to make this patch from your video to learn how to Zoia more. I got stuck at the sequencer and third looper. How do you connect those? I feel i was too ambitious buying this pedal haha. I got a serious learning curve ahead of me.

  • UncleGroOVe on said:

    Incredibly nice stuff, man – I mean, the patch AND the vid!

    P.s. Sure looks like KNOBS to me <3 but, hey, what do I know :-)

  • fireghosting on said:

    Hey Josephaugust you’ve got to switch ZOIA into ‘performance mode’ by holding down the middle and right switch to access all three buttons (shift button turns blue).
    Those buttons have other functions in regular mode.

  • Rob Flax on said:

    Loving this! Just downloaded and… instant fun. Like a Boomerang in “Free” mode but with built in Verb. Awesome!

  • fauvette on said:

    Yo, I love your patch, thanks
    like huron is there a way to change the loop playback lenght of looper 3, 4 and 5 ?
    hope you can help me :)

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