The Chordulator

Update: version 1.0
– Big rewrite to hopefully eliminate stuck notes. :)
– Added bass notes always play, even on reduced probability settings.
Play a huge variety of chords with just one note.

Notes and chords are quantized to the scale set by the first two knobs. The next knob determines the number of notes in the chords. The Chord Only / Bass knob adds in bass notes one or two octaves down.

The Mode knob inverts the chords so that the bass note or top note stays as close as possible to the previous chord. This can significantly alter the character of the progression.

Strum arpeggiates the chord by up to 1/8 note per voice. Rand. Time and Rand Vel. introduce more subtle variation. Probability reduces the chance of each voice playing.

Shift tries to kill all notes. This version should no longer produce stuck notes though, I hope.

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2 comments on “The Chordulator
  • wim-number37 on said:

    Hey, just a note. Stuck notes can occur when changing some settings while notes are playing, or by inputting more than one note at a time. I need to look at this, but in the meantime, best to keep to changing knobs when no notes are playing when possible.

  • wim-number37 on said:

    Version 1.0 is ready, featuring major restructuring to (hopefully) eliminate stuck notes.

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