A patch based on a eurorack synth from one manufacturer ;) Basicly i tried to copy the functionality of a existing system in vcv rack. I tried it as a experiment and have not patched anything on it myself :)

I am curious what people will make with the synth and send me your stuff if you like! If you do not have all the modules you should be able to replace it with something similar.

The setup is geared to techno/groove based music. You should be able to make some grooves with groove synced modulation.

Most synth modules are capable of lots of directions so you can experiment. Clocks is adding multiples from the clock to the mix to further enhance the rhythms and synced modulation. It should be a lot of fun and a good starting point. So enjoy!

The setup consists of: Midi-gate, midi-CV, Midi Control, Sampler(Complex simpler), kick(Knock), snare(Autodafe), hi-hat(Hora), claps(Autodafe), tom(Trummor), Synthdrums (MSChack), Cymbal (Macro Osc), 2 * bpm lfo, 2 * MSChack 6 * 32 sequencers, dBizz Perf mixer, MSChack Mix 4 channel, Impromptu Clocked

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