Ok so bare with me. I’ve only had ZOIA for a week and things are still a bit complicated for me, but here’s my 1st patch. It’s simple and I made it by experimenting.

This patch is a very nice ambient clean delay using the delay line fed back into itself and set to a speed that gives you almost a reverb sound in with it and a almost tremolo sound as well.

Press 1st footswitch for the “rewind” effect [this was a happy accident that I discovered]. It makes a tape machine sound like it’s rewinding really quick, your phrase you played will loop as well for a few minutes as it degrades if left alone. Press it again to stop the loop.

Press 2nd footswitch for a nice “cooper fx generation loss” type vibe going on. It uses the diffuser to get this effect [another happy accident I discovered] and It helps with the warbly “tape machine” effect here if needed.

Feel free to change the parameters to what you like and give opinions on how to make it better in the comments.

Make sure you’re in auxiliary mode on the footswitches to take advantage of using footswitch 1 and 2.

This can be done by holding bypass
and scroll together for one second until the shift button
turns cyan. ZOIA’s stompswitch module will now respond to the scroll switch (middle) and the bypass switch (right) for use within the grid. Hold them together again to return them to normal functionality.


The tape rewind effect with the delay

The “cooper fx generation loss” warbly tape effect sound [footswitch 2]

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