Inspired by the Red Witch Synthotron (which is getting a re-release soon!), this patch uses pitch detectors/envelope followers to track a guitar monophonically through two oscillators and a dry section – tremolo and envelope filter.

Starred controls:
1) Controls oscillator mix. 1 is +1/0. 2 is -1/-2. Range is 25% to 75%, feel free to change to your liking.
2) Controls wet/dry mix. 1 is dry. 2 is wet. Range is 25% to 75%
3) LFO rate for tremolo. I was going to add tap tempo here but I ran out of stompswitches.

L input drives pitch detector for oscillator frequency/note. L input also drives envelope detector for lifting VCA gate. Osc 1 and 2 are mixed and sent to SV lowpass filter, VCA, and fuzz. Then dry is mixed with wet (osc mix). This hits both/either of the LFO-VCA trem and envelope filter before a stereo spread to the outputs.

Stomp controls:
L – Sequencer to toggle between the following oscillator pitches [+1,-1], [0,-2], [0,-1], [+1,-2]. Top-right magenta indicator bright = Osc 2 is at -2. Bottom-left blue indicator at “4” = Osc 1 is at +1 (at “5” = Osc 1 is at 0).

M – Toggles tremolo. Top-right yellow indicator bright = on.

R – Toggles envelope filter. Top-right red indicator bright = on.

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