A simple swarmatron style monophonic synthesizer. Allows coarse and fine oscillator span adjustments, local note detuning, and simple sound modification using a BPF. Github repo if you’d like to contribute: https://github.com/benblakehart/swarmanelle.git

Swarmatron style Pure Data patch for the Organelle




– First release!

– Monophonic sawtooth synth

– 8 oscillators: set frequency using Coarse and Fine Span (Knobs 1 & 2)

– Filter Cutoff to sharpen up the tone (Knob 3)

– Detune each note, but retain true tuning each time a new midi signal is sent (Knob 4)

– Things to add:

+ More waveforms

+ Envelope adjustments

+ Oscillator toggling

+ Other fun stuff! 


https://gitlab.com/johannesg/PureSwarm; – for inspiration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpWEBcev_Kg; – for note-off issue with monophonic synth

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  • mankzula on said:

    I am unable to download this patch. It just goes to a page of code. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • pranciskus on said:

    mankzula, try right-clicking on the Download button and select Save As..

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