Sustain Pedal

Provides sustain pedal support for those synths that lack it.

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.4
  • License: MIT License
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  • Modified: 3 years ago
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6 comments on “Sustain Pedal
  • hogyard on said:

    Was having this problem yesterday while trying to hook up my midi controller and sustain pedal. Thank you so much for writing this! It is incredibly helpful to me!

  • hogyard on said:

    It works beautifully! Thanks again. Very excited about this

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.1

    * Added MIT Licensing information.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.2

    * Script should now work correctly with those controllers that send a note on with zero velocity message instead of a note off.

  • Tones4Christ on said:

    Thanks so much for your hard work!

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.4

    * Script now responds to sustain pedals that output continuous values (such as expression pedals) rather than just on/off. Previously the script only responded to CC values 0 and 127. Now any value less than 64 is counted as an off/pedal up, and any value 64 or greater is counted as a on/pedal down. (Thanks to Alfred_Rademakers for the bug report).

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