Rev. 2.7.: Fixed the gilde-mode, so that its exponential behavior now works as it should… updated the instructions PDF (forgot to include them in the last update… sorry…)

Rev. 2.6: Found a stupid bug. So here’s an update, that fixes that. I threw in some other stuff I’ve been working on as well…

-Bugfix (the new init. patch function would trigger when releasing the aux-button before releasing the b5 key, therefore triggering when just preset switching)

-New function: re-articulation mode is new monophonic play-mode, that will always retrigger the amp-eg when a new key is pressed (=non-legato)

-New presets & better presets

Rev.2.5: Mostly a GUI update…

-Added a few more fun graphics-screens and updated others
-Better osc-pitch-mod…
-A few more presets
-Added an init-patch shortcut (Press and hold aux & b5 (last key on the organelle) for 5 secs.
-cleaned up the code

Rev.2.1: Added a better voice stealing implementation for the monophonic mode (thanks @WyrdAl), added more osc 2 tuning options and a little bugfix (glide no longer affects the first notes, when switching back to poly-mode)

Rev.2: More presets banks, more graphics and increased functionality: OSC mix, Filter EG amount selection (negative and positive), 3 modes (poly, mono & glide)…

Fixes: Presets don’t affect transpose anymore…

Instructions are included in the ZIP files. Please read… ;)

5 voice polysynth. A powerful, yet easily controllable synth-engine for the Organelle. For feedback, questions, bug reports & suggestions regarding a better name for this patch please use the C&G forum:

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  • Revision: 2.7
  • License: public domain
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  • jake on said:

    Holy smokes! This patch rules!!! Thank you so much!

  • Davemkhan on said:

    Wo-wo-woah. Killer patch!

  • watrshed on said:

    this patch is ridiculously good. THANK YOU!!!!

  • callmesam on said:

    @jake, @davemkhan & @watrshed: thx! glad you like it!

  • SPOOKYFiSTPUMP on said:

    that patch is absolutely stunning, wow

  • synthbeard on said:

    Inspirational UI. Great Patch!

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