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Hello !

I wanted to share this patch i’ve made quite few time ago using PD Vanilla and MobMuplat !

It’s a sampler using a table to capture a small sample with the phones or tablet’s microphone and an oscillator to read it very fast, allowing the user to make strange wavetables, glitchy effects, etc.

The idea behind this patch is to make a lot of strange FX by tweaking and sampling it !

It also has different reading options, basic sequencing, pitch randomisation…

The patch is usable on ios (tested) and theoretically android (not tested ) with MobMuPlat.

It’s far from perfect in terms of optimisations i think, but it works !

– Turn Up Mic Gain, Record small sample, Move all the parameters to give them a value ( They don’t have an inital value, so it might not work if all the parameter hasn’t been moved a little, wich is not very intuitive… )

– Have Aliased fun !

– Using the phone’s or tablet’s microphone and speaker can lead to some harsh and interesting feedback !

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