“For mixing, mastering, and more, (this module is inspired by) the L2’s legendary combination of look-ahead brickwall peak limiting, level maximization, and ultra high resolution (that) give you the power and extra gain you need with crystal-clear results every single time.” (means it should sound good…)

It’s made of 4 tb_peakcomp~ by Two Big Ears (L+R compressors and limiters with 1ms lookahead added, same compression as Capture) for Orac 2.0 (Organelle).

knob1 → reaction (compressors release 0.01-1000ms)

aux → infos

#1 copy supercompress_2-2.zop into /Patches
#2 reload the Organelle (menu Storage -> Reload)
#3 run “Install supercompress…”

v2.2 : startup UI bugfix

v2.1 : now shows global CPU usage when pressing aux

v2.0 : adjustements, now installed into /media/orac/usermodules/fx , press aux to check the revision number and some informations

threshold is at 0dbFS, compressors have knee, the output volume is reduced just enough to avoid triggering the master compressor of Orac (so there is no hidden compression behind if you put it at the end of the chain, on slot P2), the thru gain is automatically set to 0%, meters run near 20fps from RMS values.

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  • Revision: 2.2
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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