Inspired by Moog’s Subharmonicon, this patch is a synth voice made up of an oscillator and two sub-oscillators, which all share an envelope.

The oscillator can be one of three wave forms:
1. Pulse (with variable width)
2. Saw
3. Sine

The two sub oscillators are saw waves that are tuned to fractions of the main oscillator’s frequency. Adjusting the Div parameter for each sub oscillator DIVides the main oscillator frequency by a different number, so the larger it is, the lower the pitch of the sub oscillator.

There are three pages of controls:
The ADSR page controls the envelope.
The Mix page controls the levels of each of the oscillators
The Osc page contains waveshape for the main oscillator and relative frequencies of the sub oscillators, as well as pulsewidth for the pulse oscillator (does nothing when shape 2 or 3 are selected)

V 1.1 Update (2020.6.28)
Added a resonant low pass filter
-on the Filter tab, you can adjust cutoff and resonance
Lowered volume a lot. should sound better with other stuff now.

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  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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