Sequencer that uses the subharmonic
/undertone time division generator to drive polyrhythmic sequences.

Early attempt at a subharmonicon-esque sequencer.

Two sequencer pairs are driven by pulses sent from LFOs. The sequencers are run through midi note generators and converted into midi, then back to cv, so you can use it polyphonically.

Tempo controls overall sequencer clock. The Rhythm modules control the subharmonic time divisions of the sequencer clock.

The seq1 and seq2 mixer allow you to send each rhythm generator independently to drive sequence 1 and 2. Turning the amp to zero shuts off the pulses being sent to each sequencer.

You can also mute the midi generators. Add more modulation and variety by extending the length of the gate and velocity sequencer and using velocity as a mod source.

Update: fixed undertone module routing for voices
Added midi output

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