Subharmonicon – Mr Roger’s Playground

Here is the patch I used to accompany a piece I performed on a Native American style flute called “Mr. Roger’s Playground”. The piece has an energetic, but very gentle and innocent vibe.

The patch is based on my Subharmonicon Emulator
I used the patch bay to route Sub1A and Sub1B CV to VCO2 FM and Sync. I also used the VCA EG as modulation for the filter drive.

A key part of the patch is using the unusual behavior of the envelopes – they cannot retrigger during the attack phase (attack always goes to completion), but can retrigger at any time during the decay phase. I set a very slow filter attack, much longer than the time between note triggers, and a fast decay. This ends up being similar to applying a sawtooth LFO to the filter cutoff frequency. I apply the inverted envelope to the cutoff.

I also patched in some additional modules to automatically start and stop, as well as vary some emulator controls to set different scenes. The rhythm generator cycles back to the origin every 330 beats, which is the trigger to move on to the next scene. (there are 4 scenes to the composition) Most of the changes are subtle, but the 3rd scene provides a distinct B section to the piece.

Not included in the patch is the Valhalla Supermassive plugin that I ran in the background in my DAW (Reaper). The emulator tempo is 300 BPM, and Reaper was set at 150 BPM.

Supermassive had the following settings:
Mode: Centaurus
Mix: 37%
Width: 100%
Delay: dotted 1/4 note
Warp: 0%
Feedback: 50%
Density: 0%
Mod rate: 0.5 Hz
Mod depth: 50%
EQ High: 20 kHz
EG low: 10 Hz

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