Subharmonicon Emulator version 4

Here is my “final” version of the simulation of a Moog Subharmonicon using only free VCV Rack modules. Of course once VCV v2.0 is released, I may have to come up with a new version if some of the modules are not ported.

As with my prior versions, I’ve attempted to implement as many features of the actual hardware as possible, plus enhancements not available from Moog. Although the features are faithfully reproduced, I’m sure the sound is quite different.

The overall design philosophy is the same as my prior version 2, described at

Here are the main differences from my prior version:

– Substituted Lindenberg Research Alma LPF for the Vult Lateralus. I think this gives a richer and more versatile sound.

– Completely new mixer section implemented with multiple modules instead of just one – Gives better saturation profile when overdriven, and provides independent control of the voice 1 mix vs voice 2. Also provides mutes for each VCO, Sub, and voice mix.

– Implemented the sub harmonic V/Oct computations using the Prototype module and JavaScript, instead of the the Frank Buss Formula module. This enabled dynamic display of the active integral harmonic value for each sub. I am thinking of actually extending this into a full blown plugin module, with additional features.

– Added a detune option for each sub, ranging from -10 to 10 cents. I got this idea from the excellent Slime Child Substation plugin, though I used cents instead of hertz, so the detune works equally well at both high and low frequencies.

Here is the list of required plugins:
Aria Salvatrice
Count Modula
Frozen Wasteland
Holonic Systems
Stoermelder PackOne
Vult Modules Free

I don’t think it is needed, but here is the JavaScript I used in Prototype:

var harmonicString, detuneString;
function process(block) {
harmonicString=’Sub-ID 1A 1B 2A 2B\nHarm. ‘;
display( harmonicString + detuneString );

function comp(vcoIndex, subIndex) {
var detune, harmonic;
harmonic = Math.max(Math.min(Math.ceil(16-block.inputs[subIndex][0]*1.6),16),1);
detune = (block.knobs[subIndex]-.5)*20;
block.outputs[subIndex][0] = block.inputs[vcoIndex][0] – Math.log2(harmonic) + detune/1200;
harmonicString += (harmonic.toString()+’ ‘).padStart(6);
detuneString += detune.toFixed(1).padStart(6);

The demo video is from a live performance paired with Native American flute improvisation. It includes two patches implemented solely with the emulator with a few effects and a bit of automation added. Though unrelated to VCV, you might want to listen to the beginning of the video to hear a really cool contra-bass overtone flute – it has a very unique sound.

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  • Semoo Smm on said:

    hi. nice patch. how did you put the labels on modules?

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