Subharmonic synth Effect

This is a Subharmonic synth that I made that can work with Audio signals. The problem is that sometimes the Envelope doesn’t work and gives up and I need Help with the audio to pitch. Besides all of its problems it’s work just fine for now

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  • runcell on said:

    Hey hyperack.. I will happily help out…👍.

    Looking at the screenshot I see you’ve plugged the audio input to a BogAudio filter.. the filter output then splits -one path goes to a Befaco attenuverter which then outputs to the Sine Oscillator v/oct input (pitch control) .. the other filter output path goes thru a VCA before going into an Envelope trigger input….
    Therefore you are using an audio rate signal to control the pitch and Envelope.. so the BogAudio Oscillator pitch is going to go up & down, thousands of times per second – depending on the pitch of the incoming audio.. nothing wrong with this, it’s called FM synthesis.. but, I guess, not quite what you’re after.
    And the Envelope… is being triggered thousands of times per second also -probably why it’s a little unpredictable.. if you use audio rate signals to control a VCA, it’s AM synthesis.

    Use a basic MIDI input module (as well as the audio in) and plug the V/Oct (pitch) output to each BogAudio Oscillator V/Oct input…. And use the GATE output to control (trigger) the Envelopes.

    Hope that gets you closer to what you’re after… keep pluggin’ away man .. all the best ✌️

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