The stunt looper uses a physical loopback connection to enable complex loop manipulation. Midi notes are distributed to seven pipelines after the main loop delay. Each of the seven pipelines offers additional processing that provides both a further note delay and a random note transpose that’s different for each looped note (cycling after seven notes). This enables generative patterns to emerge from a recorded loop. A scale quantizer makes sure all the notes behave after the processing.
The patch is currently setup to receive midi control ccs from a beatstep transmitting on channel 2 to enable and control the different elements. The scale quantizer is set using note inputs on midi channel 14 that define the root key and the scale mode. For consistency, the notes used to set scale and mode are the same as those used to configure the NDLR in the alternative NDLR control patch.
The patch is saved in a state where an external clock on input A is assumed, and all note delay and random transpose pipes are disabled, so you get a straight looper … enable those pipes to get a more generative experience

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  • Squ1ggle on said:

    Here’s a couple of images with some documentation about the implementation, and the control setup I’m using.
    First, the midihub connections

  • Squ1ggle on said:

    The keystep note controls for scale mode and key

    Let me know if there are any comments or questions.

    Attachment  Stuntlooper_c.png

  • Nuqa Kani on said:

    It is an amazing patch.

    I am still figuring it out(and remapping it to my gear) , but it is definetely a masterpiece. I think it is quite complicated to understand, maybe you should enlarge the instructions. ;) Anyways, many thanks!

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