This template uses audio input and is ready to be mapped for your electroacoustic experiments. Includes a pre-mapped granular synth. Remember to unmute the mixer, it’s off by default to prevent feedback.

3 comments on “StudioAudio
  • Geoffrey Thornton on said:

    Looks great made other patches before, but I don’t remember having to turn audio input on. It has probably been on by default, I know in this case you say in notes it is off to avoid feedback. I have tried in both Audiobus and AUM but can’t for the life of me find out how to turn it on. I have double clicked the module but I only have options to disconnect, delete or IAAOnly. Sorry for been such dim weed, but help from anybody would be great. Many thanks

  • holonics on said:

    Hi Geoffrey, sorry didn’t see your message until now but glad you got it working!

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