A multi-track step sequencer designed to maximize creative freedom within a limited context!

Supports multiple track and step configurations along with dynamic step lengths, loops and other tools to enrich a dawless experience.

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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GNU General Public License v2.0
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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3 comments on “Stepollo
  • Šarūnas Straigis on said:

    Wow, what a nice project! Do you have any plans to add midi input? To synchronize and record midi data into the sequencer.

  • Jacob Ulmert on said:

    Thanks! You can connect a keyboard and use it to enter notes (when step edit is enabled). It can also be used as a source to transpose/shift tracks when playing. However, the midi in implementation is very basic.
    The device can only act as master (sending midi beat clock messages).
    I plan to address some of these shortcomings, but probably in a complete overhaul of the implementation.

  • Šarūnas Straigis on said:

    Can’t wait for it :)
    It would be an amazing tool if it was able to sync to midi input, record and playback notes in real time. Not sure if midiboy hardware is capable of that though.

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