stages melody

The magic of Stages :
3 Stages creates a 128 steps sequence (no random involved) with its own master clock and 4 extra modulation sources
So here is what happens:
Yellow= clock; red=V/oct; Green= modulations
The modulations stages are just lfo made with leftover stages
From left to right= the 1st stage of the 1rst module is the master clock, driving a 4 step sequence (the low arpeggio).
The last step (the high one) is modified by another sequencer: the output of this last step is used as a clock to drive the second module: this clock is divider by 2 and drives another 4 step sequence. This 2nd sequence modulates the last step of the 1st sequence.
Again, the last step is used as a clock to drive the next module, and then divided to drive a 3rd4 step sequence, and the 1st sequence is sent in each of the 4 steps, so each fader works like an offset of the sequence and sounds like a chord progression

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