squinewave-8 is a simple 8-voice polyphonic pad sound based on the squinewave~ external.

squinewave~ is an oscillator with parameters that let you morph it between a sinewave and a square/saw wave.

This patch also includes a basic flanger effect (basicflanger~).

Both the squinewave~ and basicflanger~ externals are build from code generated by the gen~ object in Max 8. These are examples included with Max 8 in the help menu.

The gen~ cpp code is wrapped by my gen_ext wrapper, so they can be compiled as pd externals for the Organelle.

See github.com/samesimilar/gen_ext for more details.

This patch is thus a simple demonstration / proof-of-concept of the how gen~ cpp code can be used on the Organelle to build a synthesizer.

There are some basic parameters mapped to the Organelle’s knobs. More parameters can be found in the Pd interface if you hook up a monitor / vnc to the Organelle.

(Additional components from the Automatonism system are included to make this a usable synth. See automatonism.com for more details.)

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