Spunj – Generative Ambient 60HP VCV Patch

Small VCV Rack generative ambient composition and patch.

In an attempt to get a bit more focussed and learn more about a few modules I like I’ve whittled the rack in VCV down to 60HP (excluding the MIDI, Record and Audio Out modules). Here I have put together a Rings module being triggered by the Befaco Sampling Modulator and some drums provided by the Erica Pico Drums module being triggered by the Sampling Modulator trigs and clock. All going through the Valley Plateau reverb which is intermittently frozen using gates from our old friend the Sampling Modulator.

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  • Category: Composition
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0
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  • Modified: 3 months ago
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