Split&Remap Rozeta X0X/Rhythm v1.2

The script allows to split the 8 drum notes of Rozeta X0X or Rhythm onto separate midi channels and remap to new output notes. You need to choose the ‚Ruismaker‘ template in X0X or Rhythm and feed the midi output into this script.

* The upper knob row specifies the output notes for each of the 8 input notes.
* The lower knob row specifies the output channel.
* The Min and Max knobs allow to limit the note knob range to make it easier to dial in specific notes.
* The NUM|note knob toggles between note number or name display.
* ‘Shift’ toggles to description view.

2 comments on “Split&Remap Rozeta X0X/Rhythm v1.2
  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v1.1
    – Added toggle knob to display note names instead of note numbers

  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v1.2
    – Previous version didn’t recall its saved state correctly. Sorry for any inconvienience !

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