ofLua/openFrameworks mode
two sets of overlapping circle spirograph patterns

color auto cycles.

K1 – horiz rotation
K2 – vert rotation
K3 – audio to size
K4 – audio to z per circle
k5 – relative size (kinda?)

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  • Category: Video
  • Revision: 0.7
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6 comments on “spirocircles
  • insektgod on said:

    Thanks!! This looks great!!

  • insektgod on said:

    Oops Spoke too soon this was a blank mode on the Eyesy… the other LUA/OpenFrameWorks/OpenGL Dual Circle works fine… Hmm I guess I’ll see if there’s some obvious difference that accounts for that when it’s not past midnight.

  • okyeron on said:

    Updated and now should work on stock EYESY.

    (I left a dev variable in there and it was causing it to error)

    (unfortunately it’s a value for peaks in the audio that’s missing, so it might not be quite as interesting at the moment.)

  • okyeron on said:

    I think I got a peak value thing working now too. :)

  • insektgod on said:

    This Works and Looks Awesome… Thank You!!

  • Lega on said:

    Love it, tyvm!!!

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