Spinning Discs

Spinning images
knob 1 – rotation speed
knob 2 – image
knob 3 – colour index for colour change
knob 4 – colour

midi note or audio trig – switch image
audio input – adds to rotation speed

based on an idea by Mark Kunoff.
see this thread for more info:

this patch contains 640×640 images.
you can add more or replaced by placing in Images sub directory

images should be png, and have transparent backgrounds, and preferably index colour pallets

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3 comments on “Spinning Discs
  • Precursoid on said:

    Knobs 3 & 4 dont seem to do anything.

  • Precursoid on said:

    Realised i needed to use ‘indexed colour images’. Might be worth including index colour images with patch.

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