Spectral Multiband Resonator

This is a resonator where the resonances are tuned to scales (nine six-note scales to be precise), obviously inspired by the 4ms module of the same name.

Left footswitch cycles through the scales and stops when you lift your foot. I set the LFO to where a quick tap usually takes you only one scale further.

Middle footswitch bring in extra ‘spread’ between the notes in the chord (it doubles the cv input going into the resonator’s frequency)

Both of those controls have a slew setting, that you can set with the keyboards on the first page (first keyboard for key cycling, second for spread)

You can adjust your starting note with the cyan value module in the top left corner. Or you can use the right footswitch. It basically has two modes. If you press the bottom right UI button you enter the “resonance mode”, where the footswitch cycles through set resonance (Q) values. If you press it again you enter “sweep mode” where the right footswitch triggers a slow LFO that sweeps across the value range for the starting note. It will latch to the note that was active at the moment when you lift your foot!

That’s it really. The LFOs are on page 2 if you want to tweak their rates.

To modify the scales, you have to enter the note values (with a root of A) in the sequencer, Right now, there’s a bunch of 13th chords, stacked intervals and a gamelan scale.

Demos will be coming shortly.

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