Spectral Delay Plus

The core of the patch is a very neat delay based on this:
Spectral Delay effect for guitar with Pure Data

Then I added a few more goodies – distortion from lyonpotpourri, a few chorus ‘presets’, vibrato, a really simple FM thingy, and 4 LFOs to modulate stuff. You can set them to whatever, they are not the most musical at the moment :)

page 1 – Delay depth/gain/lowpass/ wet dry mix
page 2 – Delay param 1/2 (see link above for info), Fuzz knee/ Cut *NOTE: this distortion is quite nasty, and has a kind of small sweet spot. Use with caution.
page 3 – Chorus type/ FM* / Vibrato type
* This is a very basic FM processor, good for weird sound FX and clangs, works best with single notes
page 4 – 4 LFOS – 2 for delay params, 2 for FM

The whole lyonpotpourri set of objects is included (thank you shreeswifty!!!) so feel free to try those out

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