Modulating the delay time with a square wave or a step sequencer can lead to very interesting pitched delays. The easter egg “tap divide sequence mode” on the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy was one of the early pedals to explore this, followed by the Skeleton Prince In Limbo (company is now called “80Tape”, and the “in” is dropped from the pedal name) and its ARP mode. Then Chase Bliss Audio entered the scene with their Thermae.

On the LVX, modulating the actual delay TIME, or TAP length, will not yield the desired results, since there is always delay time sliding involved, even with square wave LFO. However, modulating the HALF SPEED parameter introduced in firmware 1.1 will get you right into Limbo/Thermae land. Here’s a Patch using the LVX sequencer for this purpose.

Most of my patches are made from scratch (some started from factory presets). Most require firmware 1.1 (or possibly higher). Most were programmed with an expression pedal hooked up to the LVX. So, if the preset does nothing or way too much, you may have to connect an expression pedal an experiment with pedal positions :-)

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