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SoxsaGraph Bundle (Now at Type ‘IP’) is a set of patches for working with samples in interesting ways. Each one a little different, all the patches e.g. Type A, Type B, Type C… sit under one folder. The common samples are held in the ‘samples’ folder in the form Audio1.wav, Audio2.wav…

A lot of them let you pulse the sample in tempo, to generate throbbing drone-type backings. Some are free running. Some let you play samples with the keys, shifting the pitch or the sample start position. Some include the C&G FX13 effects pack. All for you to get creative :)

The instructions for each Type are included in a README.txt file in each sub-folder.

Common functionality is using the Aux menu (Aux+C#, Aux+D#…Aux+A#) to load either one or more sample files. The page menus are specialized for each type.

I’ve included an example here, for Type A.

SoxsaGraph Type A Instructions

To load samples:
– Hold Aux for the ‘Aux Menu’
– Select a file number using Knob 1
– Hit Aux+C# to load sample A
– Select another file number using Knob 2
– Hit Aux+D# to load sample B

Aux Button
The Aux button gives a 5-item menu that enables actions on the first five black keys:
C# Load File A (select with knob 1)
D# Load File B (select with knob 2)
F# Pulse A/B (Toggle through pulsing vs free looping on A and/or B. e.g. (0/1) = free looping on sample A, pulsing on B. Don’t pretend you don’t understand :)
G# Toggle which sample plays with a pitch-shift based on the keys
A# Step through depths of reverb from none to lots.

1) Main
1. Tempo bpm (pulse tempo)
2. Tempo div or mult (1/16 to 16x)
3. Tremolo (Depth)
4. Wow (Depth)

2) Volume + Grain
1. Volume of sample A
2. Volume of sample B
3. Grain Rate (default 10)
4. Grain Duration (default 200)

3) Sample A
1. Tune (0-200, 100=normal pitch)
2. Rate (0-100, 100=normal rate)
2. Sample Start % (0-100)
4. Length % (0-100)

4. Sample B

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  • xhg on said:

    Thank you very much for these excellent patches. I already had hours of fun with them! So interesting to see where adjusting just a few parameters leads.

  • soxsa on said:

    Thank you, you’re welcome. I’m glad you’re enjoying them :)

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