SOS Tape Loop (Tape Degrade)

Long tape decay. Sound on sound, Frippertronics style tape loop with a ping pong tape delay into a long delay (tap divided by 1/16th) fed back into the tape delay into a ghost reverb outside of the tape loop.
How I use this is to create an ambient wash first and then hit the middle stomp switch to bypass the loop and play beats without adding them to the decaying loop.

All the controls I normally use are on the first page. Most important is the yellow loop engage button, this turns a VCA to the tape delay on and off. middle stomp switch also controls this.
Loop feedback level will yield infinite degrading loops but has different results depending on the set tempo. Around .850 – .950 seems to be the spot for near infinite decay.
Tempo controlled by MIDI clock or left stomp.

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2 comments on “SOS Tape Loop (Tape Degrade)
  • BROCKSTAR on said:

    Love this one!!!! Frippertronics stuff all the way!!

  • shikawkee on said:

    Mitch, does the left stomp switch control the time via tap or holding it? It seems to work that way for me???

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