Solar Flares

Quiet, dark ambient, generative patch with 7 voices (piano, guitar, pad, percussion, bass, noise swell and ladder) for relaxation, balance and inspiration.

Piano, guitar and pad each play chords that are assembled on the fly by randomly adding on notes from Mr. Chainkov. Pianoid shows what is played.

Filling and clearing the Chainkov buffer is automated and timed, and random gates determine how many notes are playing.

Percussion and Bass patterns are triggered with uGraph.

Modulation (Walk, LLFO) was added to stir things up a bit. ShapeMaster fades voices in and out for variation.

2 comments on “Solar Flares
  • areharvey on said:

    Beautiful patch my friend — thank you for sharing! It’s a lovely addition to a snowy Friday here in the woods.

  • alphagem-o on said:


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