Slow Midnight River

It’s a slow… midnight… river…

I’ve been quite inspired by the works of Paul Piko and Ananda Bhisma lately, so a shout out to them and here’s what it promoted in me.

Practicing my automation skills with Janneker and Jooper (thanks for the tutorial Omri!) and trying out some new modules. My lord, we have so many good things in Rack.

This one is for the slowheads, hope you’ll like it.
Created entirely with VCV Rack and nothing else.

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3 comments on “Slow Midnight River
  • Marc_Brafman on said:

    Nice !
    Marc (from France)
    (i have to learn automation too !)

  • yinyang on said:

    Thanks Marc! Yeah, Janneker and Jooper are great. Check out Omri Cohen’s tutorial about them.

    @Another: Wow, thanks! It’s so funny but… like I chatted with Adi Quinn about on the VCV Rack community forum, where he remarked something similar, I did actually think of Rick Wright when I made one of the voices. I always loved his keyboard playing, may he RIP. It’s very interesting that you both pick up on that!

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