Slatra is a crusty Single Op FM Synth for Orac 2.0. The crustiness comes from a low-quality 80s DAC emulation with mild aliasing and distortion.

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Knob 1 – Transpose: transpose up or down in semitones
Knob 2 – Velocity: determines the extent to which MIDI Velocity affects the sound
Knob 3 – Amp Decay: amp envelope decay time
Knob 4 – Volume

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Knob 1 – Vibrato: vibrato depth
Knob 2 – Mod Freq: FM operator frequency
Knob 3 – Mod Depth: FM modulation depth
Knob 4 – Mod Decay: FM operator amp decay time

To install, unzip and copy the ‘slatra’ directory into /media/orac/usermodules/synth/ on your Orgnaelle disk.

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