A very early version of a slicer effect that can be free running (Drambo standalone) or beat-synced inside your host of choice (Drambo FX AUv3 plugin).

This project can be greatly expanded in the future if people help improving it, so all suggestions are welcome.

I had the idea to implement Slice patterns using sequencer patterns for a number of reasons:
– they can be given names
– they can be switched in sync with the beat
– they keep the crossfader and scenes free for even more adventurous control e.g. using an expression pedal

I have used a filter module instead of just an amp because I find it much more flexible.

Enjoy and leave your comments! 😊

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3 comments on “SL20SLICER
  • Bcrichards on said:

    I do like this method of control re: using patterns. If you’re up to it I think you could make use of the Key Zones module I have and assign the audio to be routed through different signal chains, each with a different graphic mod, or even recorded knob movements. This way it would allow the patch to be used on top of patterns in different ways.

  • rs2000 on said:

    Since it’s an audio processing patch: What about putting different FX on different tracks in addition to the existing patterns, each track with its own p-lock sequence and mixer solo buttons controlled by MIDI hardware (or your DAW of choice) to control them live?
    I’d keep one empty track solo’ed all the time in order to make the active track solos work as effect activators and also have one pass-thru track for unprocessed audio…

  • Bcrichards on said:

    You could control with audio notes as well using the punch in effect. That way you have banks (patterns) as well as sequences within the banks (tracks)

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