SimpleOrgan01 – Osmose

This is my very first simple EaganMatrix patch for the Osmose. Using 5 oscillators, first 4 panned left and right. With Osmose channel after touch morphing the sine wave gently towards a saw. I used fixed values, offset slightly to create a gentle stereo effect when using the aftertouch. Timbre macro added and visible in Osmose.

This patch is based on 5 sine oscillators and makes use of:

– channel pressure (Z value) to be able to play softly or louder depending on key pressure.
– the value of X (which is keyboard values translated to frequencies) and multiple thereof to calculate the octaves for the higher registers – creating an organ style sound
– value of Y (polyphonic after touch) is used to morph the oscillators towards saws

6 comments on “SimpleOrgan01 – Osmose
  • rkram53 on said:

    Great first start! Nice use of Y as a multiplier so you never go past your fixed spectral balance settings. Now think about what you can add to dynamically change the sound in various ways using the Macro Controllers (Osmose factory presets tend to use then all but there’s no reason you have to, of course).

  • gerry-havinga on said:

    Great idea, thank you. Simple steps! I am so impressed with the Osmose, it makes the initial hurdle to learn the EaganMatrix editor worth it. I will continue to work on this, time permitting.

  • gerry-havinga on said:

    Wow that was quite a challenge, I have added my first macro. The timbre (brightness of the saw) increases when playing with after touch and timbre macro open.

  • rkram53 on said:

    Nice and you made it X dependent. You are on your way! One thing is that you set this preset Polyphony 1+ which will limit its polyphony (unless you intended that). Try setting that 3+ to get more voices out of it. If you get “Reduce Polyphony” messages or your preset starts breaking up for unexplained reasons, step the Polyphony down one.

  • gerry-havinga on said:

    Yes the sound is breaking up when I set polyphony above 2+. But the strange thing is I can still play 4 part chords without note stealing. It sounds great with some added external reverb (Lexicon MX400). The Osmose / Eaganmatrix does not behave like any of my other polyphonic synths (like for example my Rev2). Looks like the meaning of the word polyphony means something different here.
    I will need to stop exploring further unfortunately, home duties are calling. Thank you so much for your help and inspiration. Getting my first patch to work was actually easier than I thought.

  • rkram53 on said:

    Yes Polyphony is a bit complex and changes based on using that “+” (expanded polyphony). Should work ok at 2+. Actually, this preset at 3+ sounds fine on Slim Continuum and can be played with at least 8 voice polyphony, which is the same processing power of Osmose (so there may be some differences there). I do notice a lot of Osmose presets are set 2+ so there could be some internal processing issues there). That + means expanded polyphony which is multiplying by DSP# (which for Osmose is 6), so 1+ should get you 6 voice polyphony. Try this. Change this to Polyphony 6 (remove the expanded polyphony by selecting it in editor) and see if you can get 6 voices.

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