Simple Triad Strum v.02

This patch takes the notes of a triad and separates it into 3 channels via the Dispatcher pipe.

Pipeline 1- Ch1 which is always the lowest note of the chord and plays on note input .

Pipeline 2 – Filters out all channels post Dispatcher except Ch2, which is the 2nd chord note. Ch2 is then remapped to Ch1 and sent to a delay.

Pipeline 3- Ch3 same as pipeline 2

The initial issue I ran into is the Dispatcher cycles everytime new notes come in if you have an empty channel or more notes then you have channels. But if the Dispatcher is reset before the next note/s come in then the chord intervals will be in the same channel every time. So that makes it possible to separate individual chord notes for additional processing.

I have it mostly working where theoretically you could strum up to 16 notes but I am still working out how to toggle the bypass for all of the Dispatchers after the notes come in, which is needed to allow chords of up to 16 to always be in the correct order.

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  • joeybutters on said:

    This is closer to where I want to go with it. A Dispatcher channel is mapped to all keyboard notes so it will reset every time a new note or chord comes in. The arps are not need for the strum. I’m just experimenting with ways to spice up the articulations.

    I have a sustain in front of the arp and behind the delay depending on whether you want the note to latch in the arp or you want it to sustain after the delay. The sustain after the delay seems to cause some inconsistencies though. Ill have to play around with that.

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