Simple Scaler Controller

This patch is designed to be an easy controller for the Simple Scaler patch. Note: THIS IS ONLY A CONTROLLER, IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE ROOT OR SCALE OF INCOMING MIDI NOTES.
To set up:
1) Load Simple Scaler into Mosaic, then load this patch into a different instance of Mosaic.
2) Route this instance of Mosaic to AUM’s Midi Control.
3) Set the Simple Scaler parameters as follows:
Knob 0- Ch 1-CC10
Knob 1- Ch 1-CC12
Knob 2- Ch 1-CC12
Knob 3- Ch1-CC14.

Once that’s done, each Pad will set Simple Scaler to the indicated root (or scale, for those pads). Also, the four knobs will now control the four knobs in Simple Scaler. This is especially handy if you need to control multiple instances of Simple Scaler, just set the knobs for each instance as indicated above.

3 comments on “Simple Scaler Controller
  • miketucker on said:

    Hi, this looks great, but could you provide a link to Simple Scaler? I can’t seem to find it.

  • Dawood on said:

    is there a similar patch that would change the chords knob in Cality?

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