Simple Recorder/Looper 1.1

This is a simple script allowing you to record incoming MIDI data and then replay/loop it. Recording can also be done when host is not running.

If loop mode is enabled (using the knob), the MIDI playhead will loop if host is running. If set to Auto, the MIDI will play and loop as soon as recording is stopped

The number of recordable MIDI events is limited to 1000 (Max size of Mozaic arrays)

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  • Revision: 1.1
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5 comments on “Simple Recorder/Looper 1.1
  • Jumpercollins on said:

    Can you overdub ? That would be cool.

  • Pejman on said:

    GREATE .Very simple and very nice .
    i hope in future updates add variations speed 1/32 1/16 … bar .2 bar.


  • Pejman on said:

    There is one problem
    I record some of notes and stop recording and then press playback , but When i press stop button in middle of sequence ,sometimes notes are playing, hanging and i have to press reset audio panic of cubasis untill the sound will off .

    Please add transpose

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Updated (1.1)
    – Overdub can be enabled (destructive, no ”undo”)
    – Clock speed can be set (this sequencer uses internal clock, not host tempo, to get exact timing)
    – Keeps track of played notes and sends note offs when sequence reaches the end or is stopped

  • ManOfStrings on said:

    Hey cool script! Been looking for a stripped down midi recorder to use live for a long time! Really will enhance my setup and open up a lot of possibilities. I had to change one thing in the script though since I control everything with an external controller rather than the Mozaic GUI… I had to change the OnPad events to OnAUParameter so that when triggering a Pad via an external controller it didn’t also record the note bound to the Record Pad.

    Wondering if you could add the ability to store a few loops into other Pads to edit and use when selected? I’d try to add it myself but still am quite new at all this.. Thanks!

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