Simple Recorder/Looper (Agogo Edit 1.6)


*** New in version 1.6 *******

– new toggle modes in settings: hold = press to start recording and release to stop recording; toggle = press to start recording, press again to stop recording

– improved overdubing behavior


This script is based on Simple Recorder/Looper 1.1 by H_Basilier who did a great job programming the midi sequencing mechanics. It allows you to record incoming MIDI data and then replay/loop it. Recording can also be done when host is not running.

The edited script is intended for more spontaneous live midi looping and is still work in progess.

— HOW TO —

• Tap-hold the REC button. Recording starts with the first midi input of notes or CC events.

• Tap-hold the OVERDUB button to record additional stuff.

• Tab the CLEAR button to reset the looper

• Press Shift to toggle between looper and debug view.

The number of recordable MIDI events is limited to 1000 (Max size of Mozaic arrays).

— Quantize —

It’s possible to quantize the recorded loop sequence. In the seetings you can choose set 1/16 or 1/8 timing grids and a quatization strength interpolation between 0 and 100 percent.

The quantize feature is still experimental and might cause CPU spikes or not the exact results you would expect.


Let’s work together to improve the looper! Contact me via AudioBus forum @nuno_agogo.

One comments on “Simple Recorder/Looper (Agogo Edit 1.6)
  • RyanS on said:

    Great simple free-form looper! Works perfectly when just doing a simple one pass loop, but when recording any Overdub, while playing new notes it somehow weirdly plays the last couple of notes played and doesn’t play the original recorded notes. That is until you stop overdubbing, where it then plays all recorded notes (new and old) correctly. Any ideas on a fix?

    That being said, the NON-host-sync mode and quantizing is really smart.

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