Show/hide plugins via Surface Builder

This AUM project uses 4Pockets Surface Builder to trigger the Show Plugin control on instrument slots 1-3. The Surface Control window sits in the lower right and clicking the button will show/hide the instrument plugin window for each slot.

Use cases for this are for performing a demo or working on a project which requires frequent switching between plugin windows. Instead of clicking to close the window, then clicking again to open another plugin window, you can just click the button for the slot and open/close it at will.

It can easily be extended to as many slots as you wish, and customized to use different MIDI commands, and additional buttons can be copied from the existing ones easily. The image shows how it looks with actual AUv3’s, but the project file only uses Surface Builder in the slots to prevent failures during loading.

The session notes in the AUM project show the MIDI commands for each slot.

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  • mikejohn on said:

    Nice! So simple but such a huge help.. thanks!

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