+++++this ALPHA is frozen@ 0.3++++ pending community review

This is a early version of an emulation of the MakeNoise Morphagene Eurorack modular sample morpher. The playing keys are used for grabbing two buffers [key 1 [midi note 60] & key 6 [midi note 65], It also includes reverb & Delay. I am still working on the EventGenerator that will hopefully be akin to the splicing reels and i will hopefully get some feedback as to what works and what does not.

seems to be a little more responsive

61& 63/66&67 should trigger repeater & other fun stuff

BEFORE sampling you have to set the conditions of the morphing. [Alpha/Omega/Blend etc..]If you try to sample right away you will get FB –until i can create an appropriate preset. Thank you for all your patience, this one is complex but when i finally get it done it may be quite nice

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  • Revision: .003 Alpha [FROZEN]
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18 comments on “Shmorphagene0.3
  1. jooga1972 on said:

    Took me some time to get any output audio with this patch and am yet to figure out what, when and why happens (and I may be getting the whole thing wrong…) but here’s some initial feedback:

    Using play-keys 1 & 6 doesn’t seem to work – however, pushing and playing with keys 1 & 3 (first ‘white’ and 2nd ‘black’ key) gave me some results. It appears that key nr 3 ‘brings on’ the buffered audio, if this makes any sense. It’ playing for some time then it stops and pushing key nr 3 usually (but definitely not always) puts it back on. Sometimes nothing happens at all after I grabbed the buffers (or at least I think I did..), not matter what I push or tweak. Reloading the patch helps sometimes but not really. Hope this helps.

  2. shreeswifty on said:

    Hi jooga
    key three should be the looper, correct
    so for example first key = Sampler first key = “60” then key 65 is buffer 2
    you have to be giving it an audio input i assume you know that.

    Hold down key 1/60 and 6[65] for a few seconds to get a sample then tick three which should get you going. definitely needs some refining i know

  3. shreeswifty on said:

    i think it may be too complex without a loadbang setup of initial values
    i am going to change a few things to make it much more user friendly

  4. shreeswifty on said:

    So try this
    1.) make sure you are feeding morphagene audio
    2.) Press and hold key one for a count of 5 seconds
    3.) Press key 61 diagonally above the first key to turn on looper
    Same process with 65 & 66
    4.) Then you have to tweak the Alpha/Omegas and Blends to get a morph
    i know it’s complex right now but it’s alpha and i will refine it — when it starts behaving it sounds pretty nice here.

  5. shreeswifty on said:

    okay. i set the initial patch so that loop is set on so there is no guessing games and frustration.
    I think i had the advantage of seeing the interface while i was building it and it gave me and disproportionate view of it.
    now 60 [first key] and 65 will start the shananingans.
    I have found if you turn blend down then tweak destroy and pitch first it works best
    more soon

  6. jooga1972 on said:

    Now it’s more like it! :) Another crazy-good patch! :) Thanks for the quick fix!

  7. shreeswifty on said:

    Thank YOU for helping out. I sat there for a few minutes with it and i was about to scream because i couldn’t get a peep out of the darn thing either until i preset the loops I am so glad it’s working out.
    Now we can start tweaking EventGeneration –whatever that means :-) ha! no seriously i am hoping for 16 unique events that can be selected to so it’s more like the splices/cuts of the Morphagene

  8. Bort Bort on said:

    Still not really working for me, i’ve managed to get it to make sound after fiddling around for a long time, but not in any kind of understandbale way. It’s either making static or just repeating unaltered phrases for me. I’m trying those instructions above but to no avail! How did you crack in jooga?

  9. jooga1972 on said:

    Hey Bort Bort,
    Well, there’s no happy ending here either yet…. soon after I posted my previous comment (while I was playing with the patch) I’ve ended up with rouhgly the same scenario as you have: I recorded another loop and the audio came on after a very long wait with lots of noise that I was unable to get rid of; reloaded the patch, recorded yet another loop but this time I couldn’t get any sound, no matter I did exactly as was described by sheerswifty. Rev 0.2 sounds way more promising though, will return to this patch tomorrow to experiment more.

  10. shreeswifty on said:

    Bort Bort did you install the update?
    ANd you are sending it audio right?
    sometimes i wish we had chat on here to help people quickly

  11. shreeswifty on said:

    remember you are holding down the keys for like 3-5 seconds right?

  12. shreeswifty on said:

    i’ll get it sorted lads no worries

  13. shreeswifty on said:

    i am going to review it again and see how i can make it more friendly.
    Ideally because it’s a kind of sound on sound deal you would sample with 60 (holding down 2or 3 seconds) THEN 65 two or three seconds so you get a the interplay and morphing going, I am suspecting either you are holding down the sampler to long or this patch just sucks :-)

    BEFORE sampling set the morphs [Alpha/Omega/Span] [set Alpha to almost zero & Omega close to 1.0] span almost all the way up because that is way is enabling the buffers to morph. This is a complex one. I am sorry if i designed it shitty.

  14. Bort Bort on said:

    Updates installed and everything yes, still not getting the desired result – but it IS an alpha! A very exciting and ambitious patch! I’ve jealous of all the skill and ideas you seem to have man. Keep it up!

  15. shreeswifty on said:

    I am going to tweak the patch more. So what i am learning is that it’s very picky. Because i am trying to avoid loading in soundfiles and sampling live and i think we are getting some clicks when we are loading/recording new files.
    Things i have found from tweaking this version:
    Apparently it will not record if the files is set to BKWD [Backwards] and Blend is your friend :-)

    it IS an Alpha and today was realy about seeing if i could get it working at ALL :-) lol

    stay tuned

  16. jooga1972 on said:

    I seem to be getting at this with rev 0.3 Here’s a track I just recorded with Shmorphagene using loops from Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’. The Organelle was running thru a Strymon Big SKy. Also starring were the OP-1 and the Moog Sub37. Past 04:40 it’s only the Smorphagene going wild. I’m still yet to figure out what happens and why but I already like this patch a lot. Like each and every one by sheerswifty. :)

  17. shreeswifty on said:


    If you like that one save it because i did a full re-write of the patch this morning and compiled some new externals do some RealTime splicing. I will leave it up there but i am going to mark it as deprecated [Unless others like it too], because of the complexity and the issues i had i did not feel others would enjoy it. but that track is pretty brilliant!
    The Morphagene is more of a music concrete/electro-acoustic tool which i guess is a little different than a traditional sampler. and the sheer amount of parameters are kind of confusing so i wanted something that would give the same vibe but without the glitchings.
    I will wait till we get a consensus on what to do :-)

  18. Tristan Heau on said:

    I didn’t try this version, but very curious where it will go, cause I really love the “easy” version you developped !

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