Shifted Sequences

This patch started out in Puredata (Pd). With inspiration from viewing Omri Cohen’s video, I was able to figure out a way to build it in VCV Rack.

The patch starts with an arbitrary sequence and a steady clock. The sequence is shifted using signal delay modules, in this case, creating as many voices as there are steps in the sequence. Each voice is the sequence offset by some number of steps. The voices are gated at random intervals, with varying attack and decay times for each envelope.

Within the sequence, the grouping of high- and low-pitched notes may create the perception of two or more rhythmic and/or melodic patterns. As shifted sequences are played against each other, new rhythmic and melodic patterns emerge, creating an ever-changing polyrhythmic polyphony.

Perhaps, there is a simpler way to implement this idea? Please leave a comment if you see a way to do so.

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