Shared Sounds Sampler Example

These 2 Organelle patches demonstrate how 2 patches may use the same sound samples. For this to work the ‘Sounds’ folder must be placed on the USB drive root, next to the Patches folder. Then ‘Sampler Recorder’ and ‘Sampler Sequencer’ go into the Patches folder. So it looks like this

USB/Patches/Sampler Recorder
USB/Patches/Sampler Sequencer

Sampler Recorder allows you to record sounds by pressing the Aux button on the Organelle. They are saved automatically in the Sounds folder. Then you can fire up Sampler Sequencer which loads these same sounds and allows you to make sequences with them.

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2 comments on “Shared Sounds Sampler Example
  • dontbeseen on said:

    This is super awesome, been a Pd user and fan for years…when I heard about this machine, I literally jumped on my motorcycle and took off to put one on my credit card.. If we can figure out to make a sequencer that will do multiple tracks it’ll be a major breakthrough…especially for the drum machine stuff…I can only lay down a base layer with my two fingers, then I always want to add more percussion to the loop…is there a way to do some sort of “additive” recording in Pd ?

  • dontbeseen on said:

    has anyone tried “add2 that” instead of “clear” in the sequencer ? really trying to figure out how to add drum layers to a recorded sequence

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