Shallowish Water (WIP)

A work in progress attempt at emulating Fairfield’s awesome Shallow Water. Currently using a delay’s warp parameter to achieve the pitch modulation, which obviously adds delay repeats and makes this a non faithful adaptation in that regard!

Help needed:
A non-delay means to modulate pitch might be useful, so delay isn’t required.

I don’t actually have the original, so suggestions or tweaks to the behaviour are helpful.

My gate controls for the LPG and especially the Pitch LFOs are probably really inelegant. Other suggestions would be good.

The LPG is pretty finicky with input volume. If there’s some way to map a common single parameter to acts as LPG sensitivity or such, that would be nice.

Spotlight controls:
Delay level: delay (and thus also pitch mod) volume in the mix.

Minimum value: “how shallow the water is”, i.e. how far down the Lowpass Gate sits at its lowest.

VCA: the amount of dry signal

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