A Soundfont player module based on the sfplayer module by @wyrdal.

I’ve replaced the libfluidsynth files with newer versions that should be compatible with the Organelle-M running OS 4.0.

The module should look for sf2 files stored at /sdcard/media/orac/soundfonts.
After loading the module, use the Select knob to select the file, press AUX to load the file, and use the Bank knob to switch between sounds in the file.

I’ve only tested this on my Organelle-M so I’m not entirely sure how well it’ll work on other models.

There’s definitely room for improvement but I decided to release a WIP version so people can check it out and maybe take it even further.

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  • dr_kd on said:

    Thanks for doing this. I’m really looking forward to having soundfonts working in orac.

    However, I can’t quite get it working. Firstly I’m getting this message in the pd window:

    loading user module synth/sfplayer
    loadmodule: loading synth/sfplayer into a2
    — fluid~ for Pd —
    unpack: i: bad type
    unpack: i: bad type
    pack: i: bad type
    pack: i: bad type
    send to sf_slot failed
    send to sf_cent failed
    send to sf_pan failed
    Secondly, it took me a while to work out where to put the sound font files which turned out to be `/usbdrive/media/orac`. I’d suggest making a .zop installer that creates the relevant directory and puts some free soundfonts in there – e.g. from this debian package https://packages.debian.org/sid/fluid-soundfont-gm

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